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The Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (GHF) supports gifted homeschoolers in the United States and around the world through education, advocacy, community and support. GHF was founded by Corin Barsily Goodwin in 2004 to address a growing need for support and advocacy
GHF is served by the Board of Directors Corin Barsily Goodwin, Executive Director, Debbie Schwarzer, General Counsel, Anne Beneventi, Professional Outreach Coordinator, Eleen Kamas, PhD, Recording Secretary and Josh Shaine
It has a team of advisors and staff Mika Gustavson, Director, GHF Professionals, Tara Hernandez, Membership Director, Rebecca McMillan, Director of Online Education (GHF Online), Sarah Wilson, Editor-in-Chief, GHF Press, Wes Beach, Teen Advisor, Stephanie Hood, Charter/ISP Advisor, Martha Shaindlin, Marketing Manager, Cyd Dawson-Smith, Webmaster, Rev. Mona Chicks, Membership, Madeline Goodwin, General Assistant, Annette Holzman, Tax Manager, Carissa Leventis-Cox, Regional Contacts Coordinator and J. Marlow Schmauder, Professional Outreach.

The goals of GHF are:

  • to link interested families with information and resources regarding educating a gifted child outside the traditional school system
  • to provide gifted homeschoolers with the opportunity to network and exchange ideas and resources
  • to increase awareness of homeschooling as a viable educational alternative for gifted children
  • to advocate for gifted homeschoolers as needed
  • to network with other education-related entities in support of these goals

Their website can be found at

They provide excellent lists of resources

Resources relating to giftedness

Resources relating to homeschooling

Resources relating to Twice Exceptional (2E)

Collection of articles

GHF Online Courses
Gifted Homeschoolers Forum also provides outstanding and engaging online courses tailored to the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional students.
The semester or year-long courses are aimed at upper middle and high school level students. GHF Online is 2e friendly and is willing to work with families to make reasonable accommodation for the student’s individual needs.

Courses for 2013

GHF Courses were discussed during a #GTCHAT session and the review can be read at New Online Courses at Gifted Homeschoolers Forum

GHF Press

GHF Press, created by Gifted Homeschoolers Forum gathers and shares information specific to the gifted and twice-exceptional community. They publish Perspectives In Gifted Homeschooling Series


Making the choice: When typical school does not fit your atypical child by Corin Barsily Goodwin and Mika Gustavson

A guidebook for parents considering homeschooling, Making the Choice discusses how to balance the emotional and academic needs of gifted and 2e children, their parents, and their families. In Making the Choice, Corin Barsily Goodwin, Executive Director of Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, and Mika Gustavson, MFT, demystify and de-mystify some of the perceived barriers to homeschooling. For those families wondering if this is an option they should consider, Making the Choice offers ideas, guidance, and encouragement to fully evaluate the option.

I am currently enjoying reading this book and intend to write a review shortly


Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling by Wes Beach

Traditional schooling may not provide your son or daughter with a satisfactory or fulfilling education. In Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling, you’ll read the stories of nine young people who took varying, nontraditional educational paths and succeeded in their chosen endeavors and vocations. Wes Beach, director of an unusual private high school, speaker, and author, prompts you to reconsider the idea that any highly successful career path must involve piling up gold stars in high school to gain immediate admission to a prestigious university in order to earn a degree which can cost more than most people earn in a year. Discover how passion, persistence, creativity and perseverance can lead to a life of satisfaction and even some traditional achievements!

I have received a copy of Wes Beach’ book and intend to write a review shortly


If This is a Gift, Can I Send it Back?:Surviving in the Land of the Gifted and Twice Exceptional by Jen Merrill

Jen Merrill, author of the Laughing at Chaos blog, brings laughter, tears, and honesty to her latest book by GHF Press,If This is a Gift, Can I Send it Back?: Surviving in the Land of the Gifted and Twice Exceptional. Join Jen on her journey through discovery, understanding, and acceptance, as she copes with the challenges that only the gifted and twice exceptional can create. So, pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine, and start reading. You’ll swear Jen’s written about you!

I enjoyed reading Jen’s book and intend to post a review shortly

Jen discussed her book on #gtchat and the review of the session can be read at
If This is a Gift, Can I Send it Back?



Learning in the 21st Century: How to connect, collaborate and create by Ben Curran and Neil Weatherbee

The world has transformed on an epic scale, but education has barely budged. How can you incorporate all the creativity technology has to offer into your learning experiences, even if your technological abilities are limited? How can online tools help students, especially gifted and twice-exceptional students, connect with others from around the block or around the world to collaborate on projects?

Ben Curran and Neil Weatherbee of Engaging Educators give you step-by-step instructions to get you started using technology in your learning experiences. Discover new online tools geared toward collaborating and creating. Try out projects specifically designed with these tools in mind. Create a positive and interesting online portfolio to share with college recruiters and potential employers.

Regardless of educational choice, Learning in the 21st Century: How to Connect, Collaborate, and Create will fill you with ideas and inspiration that will revolutionize how you approach learning.

I hope to read and review this book soon.

This book was discussed during a recent #GTCHAT with Ben Curran and Neil Weatherbee of ENGAGING ED and the review of the session can be read at

Living with ANTs

Living with ANTs by Sally-Anne McCormack
First published in Melbourne Australia by Sally-Anne McCormack 2012
ISBN 978-0-9806867-2-2

Psychologist, Sally-Anne McCormack  has written a new book titled Living with ANTs. It is a children’s picture book, beautifully illustrated by Lindsay Flatt, and is the companion to her book Stomp out the ANTs

ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) are annoying creatures that trouble everyone!
Sally-Anne refers to the analogy of the ANTs – everyone gets them, they are hard to get rid of, and we often don’t notice them until there is a huge pile of black pests hiding all of the good things (thoughts) underneath them. She also describes some popular strategies to “stomp” out the ANTs, and ways of helping yourself to prevent future infestations!
The pages of Living with ANTs illustrate the analogy by comparing the actions of ‘ants in your home’ on the left hand page with the ‘ANTs in your head’ on the opposing page.

Sally-Anne McCormack is a clinical psychologist with private practices in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. She is a registered psychologist, counsellor, media consultant, former teacher, wife and mother of four. In addition, she became an author when her first book – “Stomp Out The ANTs – Automatic Negative Thoughts” was launched in 2010.
Sally-Anne has specific interests in the prevention and treatment of depression in children and adolescents, and the unique difficulties that gifted students face in their schooling and personal lives.
She co-facilitates groups for adults – “Dealing with Anxiety” and “Dealing with Depression”. Currently she is writing a book giving practical advice to parents of gifted children which she hopes to publish in 2013.
In her practices, she regularly counsels parents with the issues they face raising their children and teens in the 21st century. She has another website – ParentsOnline  – which has articles, forums and information for those dealing with the younger generation. She also speaks on issues such as the problems with computer (& internet) addiction, and presents to organisations and schools on various cyber safety challenges.Sally-Anne is often consulted as a psychologist by various media to comment professionally on current topics both in Victoria and interstate/overseas.

Living with ANTs can be purchased on Sally-Anne’s website at   

Let the tall poppies flourish

A new Australian collection of papers on topics relating to justice in the education of gifted students edited by Dr Susan Nikakis, Gifted & Talented Education Officer Catholic Education Office Melbourne, will be launched at Parliament House by David Southwick MP on Tuesday 16 October 2012

Edited by: Dr Susan Nikakis

Publisher : Heidelberg Press Heidelberg, Victoria

Front cover: Mr Martin Tighe (Original painting)

Foreword: Mr David Huggins

Acknowledgements and Introduction:     Dr Susan Nikakis

The papers included are

1          Why do gifted students need justice?  Dr Susan Nikakis  

2          Seeking justice for twice exceptional learners.  Ms Carmel Meehan

3          The voices of gifted girls call for justice.  Ms Carmel Meehan and Dr Susan Nikakis        

4          Justice for gifted rural students. Dr Margaret Plunkett

5          Gifted from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island perspective. Delsie Lillyst and Prof Mark Rose

6          Justice for gifted marginalised students.             Arrigo Dorissa

7          The Hidden Girls. Challenges facing gifted girls in Saudi Arabia.  Mr Faisal Alamiri

8          Justice for Gifted boys Mr Paul Double

9          Justice ‘across the ditch’. Dr Janna Wardman

10        How to nurture artistically gifted students. Jane Strickland,

11        Justice for highly able gifted and talented secondary students with a passion to learn, but who may or may not be typical ‘high academic achievers’. Christine Ireland

12        Final words.  Dr Susan Nikakis

The book can be purchased by:


  • Emailing an order to info@heidelbergpress.
  • Fax an order to Heidelberg Press on 03 9459 8827
  • Post order to Heidelberg Press, PO Box 234, Heidelberg VIC 3084

The book retails for $70 and there is a $10 charge for postage and handling.

Beginner’s Guide to Life on the Bright Side

I have just finished reading Derrin Cramer’s new book and I can definitely recommend it for parents and teachers of gifted students!
Beginner’s Guide to Life on the Bright Side by Derrin Cramer
Published by Thinking Ahead Extension Workshops, Como Western Australia, 2012

This book is a comprehensive guide for parents and teachers and provides them with a wealth of information in an easy to read format.
Part 1 – A Gifted Child describes what a gifted child looks like, giftedness in the early childhood years and examines some of the myths surrounding giftedness

Part 2 – The Needs of the Gifted covers friendship and social issues, sensitivity, intensity and emotional issues, Dabrowski’s overexcitabilities, perfectionism, sense of justice and moral awareness, depression and stress, giftedness in families and giftedness throughout life

Part 3 – Measuring Intelligence looks at IQ testing and the different IQ assessment tests

Part 4 – Twice –Exceptionality is devoted to discussion of children who are both gifted and have some disability, learning difficulty or difference such as the 4 Ds –dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia, ADHD and Sensory issues

Part 5 – Succeeding discusses Succeeding in Life and Motivation and Success with Learning including the topics of creativity, optimism, resilience, Mindset, boredom and good habits

Part 6 – Advocating for your child addresses advocating for your child including choosing a school, meeting with the school and what to ask for

Part 7 For Teachers is a section to help teachers recognise the gifted students in their classes and provide some strategies for working with gifted students.

Throughout the book there are quotations and every part contains Read More sections giving details of books and articles for further reading.  As well as an Appendix containing useful checklists, an Index and a Glossary there is an excellent Notes section at the end of the book.

This is the book I would have loved to have when our children were young!

It can be purchased at