Virtually visiting the WCGTC Conference in Kentucky

Even if you are are unable to attend the 20th WCGTC Conference in Louisville Kentucky 10-14 August 2013  the WCGTC have done an excellent job in providing opportunities to follow events live online Throughout the conference several people have been posting on Twitter from presentations and sharing links to presenters’ online work under the hashtag #WCGTC13 and posting comments and photos on Facebook.

I have been enjoying reading the comments and viewing the photos which have been posted and have even been able to listen to broadcasts of some of the keynote speakers via

Global #gtchat will be holding a chat live from the conference on Monday, 12 August See
For me in Australia the time of the chat will be 8.30 am Tuesday 13 August.

I was really fortunate to be able to participate in a Skype chat with Leslie Graves, Lisa Conrad, Mary St George, Jen Torbeck Merrill, Stephanie Tolan, Carolyn K (Mrs Hoagies) Patricia Gatto Walden, Ingrid (Ingennios Illuminare  from Mexico) and Wenda Sheard who were attending  the conference in Kentucky and Stacia Trahan Taylor who joined in from Texas It was wonderful to see and hear  all those heroes of mine from the gifted education world!


Skype Film Discussion

At noon next Tuesday 13 November I will be talking to group of parents in Texas about Film Discussions  and how they can be used by parents, teachers and gifted kids and we will endeavour to have a mini discussion on the film The Incredibles.

The announcement is at
We will be using Skype.

Dr Lynette Breedlove will print the handouts, facilitate the discussion and screen the PowerPoint presentation in Texas and I will talk to them from the bungalow in Victoria, Australia.

Oh, did I mention that noon Tuesday in Texas is 5.00 am Wednesday in Victoria?

World Clock Meeting Planner meeting planner at