Gifted Resources Newsletter February 2018

Dear colleagues and friends

I am endeavoring to get the Gifted Resources newsletter up and running again.
After my husband, Rainer, passed away in August 2016 I went to live with my younger daughter. Last year passed in a fog and Gifted Resources, my blogs and art were all neglected.

The main connection to the world of the gifted that remained was the weekly Twitter #gtchat powered by TAGT, the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented where I was invited to serve on their Advisory Board.

In July 2016 my computer hard drive failed due to old age and being over worked and I lost my list of contacts and some of my favorite programs.  My kind brother in law, Rick Freitag, gave me a new laptop/tablet with Windows 10 and I set to work loading it up and learning the new system. Sadly the programs I used for maintaining the Gifted Resources website are not compatible with Windows 10 and I am still in the process of learning and working out how best to manage the website and newsletter.
Until I have it all sorted out I am going to post the Gifted Resources Newsletters on the Gifted Resources blog

Jo Freitag
Phone 0403 594 340

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Gifted Resources Newsletter February 2018