Australian Blogs on the Topic of Giftedness

Image Jo Freitag

Image Jo Freitag

Recently I received a query from Jodi Brown who is compiling a list of Australian blogs on the topic of giftedness.
I searched my lists and could only find these blogs but I am sure there must be many more.

Defying gravity – Ingi

Gifted Resources Blog – Jo Freitag

Gluten-free Mum – Kathleen Humble

Mermaids and mermen


NTAEGT Blog!blog/c1rgx

Personas, Profiles and Portraits – Jo Freitag

Sprite’s Site – Jo Freitag

Thinking Ahead – Derrin Cramer

If you are an Australian who writes a blog about giftedness or enjoy reading an Australian blog about giftedness which I have not mentioned here please could you tell me about it in the comments section.

This is a post for Lisa Rivero’s challenge to write 30 blog posts for the month of September. To read all about her challenge see


Thirty Posts Hath September 1

I have decided to accept Lisa Rivero’s challenge to write 30 blog posts for the month of September. To read all about her challenge see

The Americans have just finished their long summer holiday and this is Lisa’s way of getting back into the swing of blogging.
In Australia we are approaching the three quarter mark in our school year and a spring holiday. I have not had time away from blogging but would like to accept the challenge anyway.

But I am going to approach it in a slightly different manner. I have three blogs – Gifted Resources Blog, Sprite’s Site and Personas, Profiles and Portraits.
So I intend to try to add 10 posts to each of them during the month of September.

Gifted Resources Blog posts may be flyers for coming events or programs.
The posts for Personas, Profiles and Portraits will probably relate to the creation and use of my persona dolls and their accessories.
And for Sprite’s Site I will endeavour to post about posts!




Best Blogs in the Gifted Community


The Best Blogs in the Gifted Community was the topic of a recent Twitter #gtchat session. It was an interesting discussion which was partly prompted by Tim Dracup aka Gifted Phoenix’ excellent investigation and blog post ‘How well does gifted education use social media?’

The session was one of the monthly weekend chats which are held at a time which is suited to participants in the UK and Europe. For me in Melbourne, Australia the time was 7.00am on a Monday.

Amongst the information shared was the correct form to use when citing blogs in academic papers

Several blog rolls and collections of blogs were mentioned including
Gifted Homeschoolers Forum
Gifted Phoenix

The Storify transcript of the session can be read at

And the summary of the session including links to the blogs which were discussed can be found at the GT Chat Powered by TAGT blog

Gifted Resources Blog has been nominated in the Australian Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs 2014 Competition

Best Australian Blogs 2014


Gifted Resources Blog has been nominated in the Australian Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs 2014 Competition

Gifted Resources Blog is entered in the Commentary section
For those who are blogging about a particular industry or area such as politics, media, sport, marketing and PR, technology, cultural industries such as theatre and the arts, international relations, advocacy and human rights.

Sprite’s Site Blog is also a nominee and is entered in the Personal and Parenting section

The timeline for the event is


For readers who are new to Gifted Resources Blogs the main topics covered here are facts and myths about gifted education and gifted and 2E students, news of programs and events, book and product reviews and information about conferences, seminars and online conferences and webinars.
Gifted Resources aims to act as a signpost to sources of information, services and support.


We hope you will continue to visit and post your comments or questions (unless you are aiming to link to spam)

There’s life in the old Blog yet!

Recently I received an email telling me that I needed to either close the Gifted Resources blog or update it to the newer format. I realised what a long time it had been since I posted on it. All my blogging energy has been poured into Sprite’s Site for the last few years.

My tech guru, Jamie Tarling, put in a lot of work to update this blog and transfer old posts into it. It was exciting to see the possible formats and themes on offer for the updated version. The picture in the blog header changes randomly from a selection of Gifted Resources pictures at each page refresh. Thank you very much, Jamie!

So how will I use this blog? I enjoyed  the walk down memory lane as I read the old posts.
They are a mixture of Gifted Resources information and personal stories.
And I can see the seeds of some of my current interests expressed in some of the posts.
I think I will use this blog for posts which relate to Gifted Resources, to issues relating to giftedness and possibly include some personal stories. But if the posts relate to Sprite or any of the characters from that blog I will post them on Sprite’s Site.

I may import some of the posts from Sprite’s Site into this blog and there will be quite a bit of cross referencing between the two blogs.  I am going to add Tags to the previous posts and have fun sprucing up the blog. Maybe the Dabrowski Dogs will visit this blog occasionally too?