The front verandah seems very empty now as Chup is not there to welcome us home, greet visitors and ambush passing small dogs

She will be very much missed as she had lived with us for 14 years. She was at least a year old when we adopted her from the lost animal shelter. We chose her because she was so vocal and affectionate.

Also in appearance Chup was an exact copy of Kitty-Kat, the small tabby cat which Rainer and I adopted from the animal shelter when we were newly married.

Chup always set up a network for herself so that she could score several meals each night. We knew about this because she would go out and return with a full stomach and smelling of a wood fire before we had given her tea. And one night we caught her red handed miaowing at a neighbour’s door and being let in.

Although she was very petite she had most of the small dogs in the area terrified of her as well as many of the cats.

She used to go walkabout with me. She would accompany me to the local shop or to church, sit outside in the bushes and walk back with me.

At Christmas time she and the dog both had tinsel wrapped around their collars to get into the festive spirit.

She loved to sleep on beds or chairs or curled up in Christian’s bookshelf.

And she had a conversational and rather demanding tone of miaow and a purr which could be heard half way across the room.



ADHDog Ogie

Calling Dr. Harry! 

Our new home has a large area of lawn in the back yard and we have been giving our 12 year old Australian Cattle Dog, Ogie a refresher course in Dog Obedience.

Ogie is apparently in her second puppyhood. She is still very fit and active. Her enthusiasm is excellent but her attention span is woeful.

Sometimes she seems to confuse commands completely and I am wondering whether the problem is forgetfulness due to approaching senility or failing eyesight. For example on the hand signal for “stay” she often barks very enthusiastically as if she had been given the hand signal for “speak up”