Gifted Resources Newsletter September 2018 No 1

Welcome to the September 2018 edition of the Gifted Resources Newsletter with the Spring Extension and Holiday Programs news attached.
A strange thing happened last month.
The August edition of the Gifted Resources Newsletter contained information about a research project being conducted by Dr Jae Yup Jung.
He is seeking the participation of secondary teachers in this research. Essentially, participation will involve the self-administration of an online questionnaire.
The link for the information statement that includes a link to the questionnaire was showing as a Not Found 404 error.
I create the newsletter in Word and then publish it as a PDF for sending out.  Strangely the link was good in the Word version but not working in the PDF. I have tried several tweaks but still without success.
Eventually I wrote a blog post at  which gives the link and can be followed. I have included the information about the research again this month but you may have to go to the blog post in order to get the link or alternatively go straight to the GERRIC website.

Note: Not all the links in the newsletter are live links. You may have to type them in.

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Kind regards
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Gifted Resources Newsletter September 2018 No 1