CHIP Geelong parent group

Dr Sandra Lea-Wood and Jo FreitagDr Sandra Lea-WoodOn Friday 6 February 2009 Carolyn Jennings from Active Minds Warrnambool and I visited Geelong for a meeting at Highton Primary School. Dr Sandra Lea-Wood had organised the meeting which was aimed at establishing a CHIP Geelong Parent Support group. A good size group of enthusiastic parents attended.I discussed the importance of parent support groups and the reasons for the need illustrated by a PowerPoint Presentation and giving examples of activities conducted by Melbourne groups.
Carolyn Jennings then spoke about Active Minds Warrnambool and their GEMM program and the nitty gritty details of setting up and maintaining a parent support network
If you are interested in being part of this group contact Dr Sandra Lea-Wood on  0407 320 043
or email


Warrnambool GEMM Program

Once again Active Minds in Warrnambool put on an excellent GEMM (Gifted Extension Moulding Minds) Program last weekend. This year Brauer College provided an excellent venue for the event.

On the Saturday Dr. Karen Rogers and Michelle Juratovic conducted a very well received GERRIC Workshop for Parents in Regional and Remote Areas of Australia for a large group of parents, some of whom had travelled great distances to attend.
For full details of these workshops see

On the Sunday there was an Expo of local businesses and organisations, a host of exciting workshops for the children and a Film Discussion on the film Top Kid for the parents.

Unfortunately this year I was not able to come a day earlier and there was no time to see the whales and pelicans but I still enjoyed the whole weekend very much.

Congratulations to Active Minds for an excellent program!