Gifted Resources Newsletter April 2018

Welcome to Term 2 of 2018 and the April edition of the Gifted Resources Newsletter.

Those who have only recently started to read this newsletter may not know much about Gifted Resources.

Gifted Resources is an independent not for profit information service which aims to provide news of support groups, conferences, lectures, workshops, programs and resources relating to giftedness and 2e issues which are available online and face to face.
In the past I have hosted guest speakers and film discussion evenings.
These days most of my work is done online.
I aim to provide information about events, services and websites that could be of interest.
Inclusion in Gifted Resources Newsletter does not necessarily imply any endorsement or guarantee of quality or suitability to meet specific needs.

If you would like your information to be included in the newsletter please email me at

Kind regards
Jo Freitag
Phone 0403 594 340

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Gifted Resources Newsletter April 2018 No 1