Living with ANTs

Living with ANTs by Sally-Anne McCormack
First published in Melbourne Australia by Sally-Anne McCormack 2012
ISBN 978-0-9806867-2-2

Psychologist, Sally-Anne McCormack  has written a new book titled Living with ANTs. It is a children’s picture book, beautifully illustrated by Lindsay Flatt, and is the companion to her book Stomp out the ANTs

ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) are annoying creatures that trouble everyone!
Sally-Anne refers to the analogy of the ANTs – everyone gets them, they are hard to get rid of, and we often don’t notice them until there is a huge pile of black pests hiding all of the good things (thoughts) underneath them. She also describes some popular strategies to “stomp” out the ANTs, and ways of helping yourself to prevent future infestations!
The pages of Living with ANTs illustrate the analogy by comparing the actions of ‘ants in your home’ on the left hand page with the ‘ANTs in your head’ on the opposing page.

Sally-Anne McCormack is a clinical psychologist with private practices in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. She is a registered psychologist, counsellor, media consultant, former teacher, wife and mother of four. In addition, she became an author when her first book – “Stomp Out The ANTs – Automatic Negative Thoughts” was launched in 2010.
Sally-Anne has specific interests in the prevention and treatment of depression in children and adolescents, and the unique difficulties that gifted students face in their schooling and personal lives.
She co-facilitates groups for adults – “Dealing with Anxiety” and “Dealing with Depression”. Currently she is writing a book giving practical advice to parents of gifted children which she hopes to publish in 2013.
In her practices, she regularly counsels parents with the issues they face raising their children and teens in the 21st century. She has another website – ParentsOnline  – which has articles, forums and information for those dealing with the younger generation. She also speaks on issues such as the problems with computer (& internet) addiction, and presents to organisations and schools on various cyber safety challenges.Sally-Anne is often consulted as a psychologist by various media to comment professionally on current topics both in Victoria and interstate/overseas.

Living with ANTs can be purchased on Sally-Anne’s website at