Maslow, Dabrowski, Beatitudes and me

A friend used to describe the thing which concerns you most at the present moment as being on the front burner causing all other concerns to be relegated to the back burners.
The thing which is currently on my front burner is the situation with our home – see Rental lament below

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
states that the physiological needs take first precedence closely followed by needs for safety and security. If these needs are not being met other needs will be deprioritised.
At the peak of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Triangle
see diagram at
is self actualization and spiritual needs

Dabrowski rejected Maslow’s theory and instead posited the Theory of Positive Disintegration
For Dabrowski actualization is not a developmental outcome but the need to become aware of the different levels of self and inhibit the influences of the base instinctual aspects of the self and actively choose and assemble higher elements into a new unique self. The more actualised the self, the more it becomes altruistic and pure.

In the Beatitudes and other aspects of the Sermon on the Mount
Jesus outlines conditions for happiness and blessedness which are independant of material possessions.
We are extolled not to be overly concerned with food, clothing and shelter as God will supply our needs as attested by the lillies of the field and the birds.

SO – Maslow says it is only natural that my concern about the house is on my front burner. Dabrowski says I should actively push the concern to the back burner and get on and think about things which will be beneficial to others. And Jesus promises that I do not need to have the concern on the front burner and I will have my socks blessed off if I put someone else’s concern on my front burner.