Willow Connection sale

I guess it is a Murphy’s Law type of thing! I often learn of events just after I have sent out the Gifted Resources newsletter. Sometimes the events are happening before the next newsletter is due to appear. That is why I set up the In Tray on Gifted Resources home page.

Having sent out the second newsletter for October yesterday I received this note in my Email Inbox today.

Hi Jo,

Thank you for the newsletter. Your network may be interested in taking advantage of a huge sale we are having at http://www.willowconnection.com.au/ . All the books and resources are on sale at 50% or more off the RRP. The sale is only for 3 days.

Please let your people know.

Kind regards,
Catherine Wiltshire
Customer Service
Willow Connection
PO Box 288, Brookvale, NSW 2100, Australia
Tel (02) 9948 3957
Fax (02) 9948 8153

This is a really great opportunity and needed to be mentioned!
Willow Connection stock books published by Eerdmans, Free Spirit, Prufrock Press and Youth Light.
Have a look particularly at the books available on the topic of giftedness at http://www.willowconnection.com.au/Gifted