Gifted Resources Activity Report 2014


During 2014 Jo Freitag /Gifted Resources has:

Continued to undertake project work with Borderlands

Developed and maintained the website for Gifted Resources

and Jo Freitag’s website

Written and distributed by email Gifted Resources Newsletter and Gifted Resources Newsletter Extension and Holiday programs

Maintained the Gifted Resources library, updated the catalogue and circulated library books by post.

Updated the Gifted Resources Information Packs.

Provided information and resources for teachers and parents during personal consultations, by phone, using Skype or Blackboard Collaborate webinars and by email

Provided information and resources for homeschooling families and those contemplating commencement of home schooling

Presented on Jo Hart’s Edublogs Fine Focus Columbus Cheetah Myth buster in January and February 2014

Presented at the first OZeLive online conference 22-23 February 2014

Was a guest expert on Twitter #gtchat 0n 1 March 2014

Presented at the Community Connect webinar 27 March 2014

Presented on a Q& A panel to a group of teachers and designed a page One Page to Tell to summarise important issues

Presented at Jo Hart’s Edublogs Fine Focus (14/15 May 2014) – “One page to tell about giftedness”

Participated in RSCON 5 in July 2014

Provided resources and prayer support for mentors from All Saints Rosebud with St. Katherine’s McCrae  serving in the Kids Hope Aus program

Was invited to exhibit at Gifted Networking Expo but was not able to attend

Developed a Persona Doll for Sprite

Participated in online conferences, webinars and weekly Twitter global #gtchat sessions

Participated in Jo Hart’s Edublogs Serendipity and Fine Focus webinars
Participated in Australia eSeries webinars

Updated the Gifted Resources blog  and Sprite’s Site blog  which were both nominated for the Sydney Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs competition
Participated in Gifted Homeschoolers Bloggers Forum Blog Hops
Participated in Hoagiesgifted Blog Hops

Participated in the Brilliant Chaos Group on Facebook monthly creating challenges!/groups/brilliantchaosonline/doc/253263591368971/

Participated in 52 Illustrations Challenge Group on Facebook

Participated in INKtober 31 Group on Facebook

Posted a daily My Sky Twitter Bird picture

Jo Freitag
Gifted Resources 



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  1. This is a full time job, Jo! I look forward to more in the coming year. Thank you for thinking deeply and then sharing/presenting. I really appreciate the conversations.

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