Reform Symposium Conference (RSCON4) – Part 2


Here are some more notes on presentations that I attended with links to some of the websites and programs mentioned.

Anne Mirtschin The Changing Space (Face) of Education

Session Description: Learning spaces are becoming increasingly digital, virtual, mobile, global and 24/7. As such, the impact on the classroom and potential impact on learning will be discussed.
This session will share the innovative use of technology both within and beyond classroom walls resulting in the potential to transform learning as it is currently known. Learning can be empowered through synchronous and asynchronous connections locally and globally. Stories from innovative classrooms will be shared together with some favourite tools to use. The potential future of learning through networking and teacher and crowdsourcing will be examined.

Sue Waters Keynote Putting the Pieces Together Through Digital Curation

“Putting the Pieces Together Through Digital Curation” It’s about that time when we have to organize and make sense of all the inspiration, knowledge, resources, and tools shared by our favorite presenters. Insight Keynote, Sue Waters, the famous Edublogger, will introduce you to the art of digital curation. Through digital curation we can have an art gallery of our most loved pieces collected from RSCON4. Sue Waters will share tips in collecting and organizing your resources effectively, making it easy to reference when you need it for lessons, and making it visually inspiring!

Janet Bianchini Visually Inspire Your Students!

Session Description: This practical session will share how I exploit some of my own images to create visually engaging materials for my students. I will be highlighting a few of my favourite image-editing tools and demonstrating how I use them in order to create fun activities both within the classroom and in an online environment.

Gallit Zvi Genius Hour

Session Description: Are we giving students enough opportunities to be creative? Do they have time to learn about the things they are passionate about or the things that they wonder about?

I believe that a key part of fostering a love for learning is giving students some autonomy and some time to be creative! A great way to do this is by implementing Genius Hour! Genius Hour gives students the opportunity to develop their own inquiry questions and is a set time for students to work on their own passion projects.
We will discuss the research behind this type of teaching, as well as the practical aspects of setting it up!

This is a program for all students. Genius Hour takes its name not from the idea of high I.Q. but from the Latin definition of “to bring into being, create, produce”

Keynote Angela Maiers Mark Moran Choose 2 Matter

Choose2Matter.o​rg is a global movement whose mission is to challenge people to solve problems that break their hearts. The Ambassador Program invites educators to become Choose2Matter ambassadors who present the movement wherever they have the opportunity to do so – whether one-on-one with another educator, at a school assembly, at a local conference, or to local news media. The Quest2Matter is the first embodiment of Choose2Matter. It is an initiative that invites students to submit completed Quests or well-developed ideas to solve a problem. The organization hopes to encourage a large number of students to participate in the Quest to validate the belief that today’s youth form the most compassionate generation this world has ever known. Angela Maiers and Mark Moran, on behalf of Choose2Matter, presented the first Bammy Award for Student Initiative to Mallory Fundora of Project Yesu.

Messages that came through in this inspiring presentation were:

NOT Follow your Heart BUT Follow your Heartbreak

We need COMpassion based learning

ACCEPT–ACCELERATE- ACT on your own particular genius!