Jo’s CHAOS plan

During the first week of each month the Brilliant Chaos Group on Facebook!/groups/brilliantchaosonline/ issues a creating challenge!/groups/brilliantchaosonline/doc/253263591368971/

This year the group is also encouraging a yearlong CHAOS challenge!/groups/brilliantchaosonline/doc/544943702200957/

Here is a my response to the yearlong CHAOS challenge


What exactly do you want to love into existence?

I am going to use this challenge as an opportunity to consider the 2013 version of Gifted Resources, Sprite’s Site and my personal life– which in some cases means continuing with services and activities in their present form and in other cases means revising, updating or discontinuing them or creating something completely new.


How will you know you’ve accomplished it? What kind of parameters do you need to complete your creation?
Using my image ‘Getting the 2013 wheels turning as an idea starter I will regard each activity as a separate wheel and  will be considering the activities individually with the help of mind mapping and then posting the resulting thoughts as blog posts


Can you realistically complete this creation in the time allotted? What resources do you need to do so?

I do not know. I can embark on it and see how far I can get. Some aspects will be easy to achieve and others at the moment are only aspirations and wishes.

O-OMG (Oh.My.Geefwidiousness!*):
*Geefwidious®: A word of Brilliant Chaos’ Chaotish Language®, meaning full of wonder and discovery with a sense of satisfaction.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how geefwidious* is this creation for you?

Which end of the scale is the most geefwidious? I hope it will be the maximum geefwidious possible!


How long do you want to take to achieve this creation? How often do you want to work toward it?
This will be a year long project and different aspects of it will be undertaken at varying times.


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