Re-cataloguing the Gifted Resources Library

Recently I have embarked on the task of re-cataloguing the Gifted Resources Library. Prior to moving from Croydon to Rosebud I returned the 300 VAGTC Library books which I had been housing and circulating to the VAGTC and gave a large number of the 700 Gifted Resources library books to a local homeschooling group.
So I took the Library page down from the Gifted Resources website.

Also I have a stack of new books which I have bought and kind people have donated for Gifted Resources library which have not yet been catalogued and classified.

When I prepared to update the Gifted Resources library catalogue I found that the program I had been using is no longer freeware. So I have started afresh using Excel spreadsheets.

I am enjoying the re-cataloguing as I do not have a time deadline for the work and can pause to read the books as I  assign a classification number and record the details. Some of the books have been signed by the authors.
Also I am reminded of the kindness of the people who donated books to the library – Catriona Coote, Gail Forbes, Jennifer Grant and several others.

When the re-cataloguing is complete I will add the Libray page again and post the catalogue on Gifted Resources website.

5 thoughts on “Re-cataloguing the Gifted Resources Library

  1. When you are finished, you can come to my house and help me organize a few thousand books. Mine aren’t all about gifted, but they still need to be organized.

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