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For many years now I have used Mindjet MindManager Mindmapping software http://www.mindjet.com/  and have included either a sample I month trial CD or sample 1 month trial download link sticker in the Gifted Resources Information Pack. Mindjet have also been generous in their support of Gifted Resources activities.
I have used other types of Mindmapping programs as well and found Mindjet well suited to business mapping and some of the others more useful for educational mapping.
Recently I received a request to complete a survey relating to how I use Mindjet in my work and I realised after talking with them that I was still using a very early version of the program. There have been many improvements and additions in the recent versions.
Mindjet sent me a copy of the most recent version and I am having a great deal of fun exploring the new features.
I started by making a map about Edward de Bono’s 6 Action Shoes while I was preparing my presentations for the Fine Focus webinars.  

Here is a close-up of one section of the map

There are a number of new features in MindManager 2012

It is easy to import images and other media from your own files and to include links to websites. The mindmap can be presented as a slide show and can be used collaboratively.

I particularly enjoyed using the Guided Brainstorming feature and the Brainstorm Idea cards.

I still have much to discover about the new version of Mindjet.

For details about Mindjet MindManager, to purchase or to download a trial version see the website http://www.mindjet.com/  and the blog http://blog.mindjet.com/


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