Virtually attending the ECHA conference

Last night thanks to the wonders of Twitter I was able to virtually attend a session about Social Media and Gifted Education at the ECHA Conference being held in Munster Germany

The Twitter hashtag #echa was used for the conference and a special Global #gtchat powered by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented was held during the session.

A Twitterwall inside the Symposium enabled those in the room at the conference to project their Tweets to other participants, and those participating at a distance to interact with those in the room.

Tim Dracup @GiftedPhoenix posted links to the presentations

Peter Csermely’s presentation – Social media networks and the talented youth

Javier Touron’s presentation – Social networks: closing the gap betweeen research and practice

The presentation includes an embedded video:

Roya Klingner’s presentation – The Importance of Global Gifted Education through Social Media

Albert Ziegler’s presentation – CyberMINT-Communities

Tim Dracup’s presentation – Can social media help overcome the problems we face in gifted education? 
on his blog at 
before the event and comprehensive explanations of the issues which would be discussed

During the session several of the conference attendees posted Tweets about what the speakers were saying and some posted pictures of the speakers.

Lisa Conrad @gtchatmod moderated the Global #gtchat session and sent greetings in many languages. As each speaker was announced Lisa posted a link to the speaker’s bio and a link to their presentation for the virtual attendees.

She also posted about the ECHA conference on the new #gtchat blog which she created at

The Storyify transcript of the session complete with pictures can be read at

Tim Dracup has written an evaluation of the session on his blog

Gifted Phoenix Review of the European Council for High Ability (ECHA) Conference 2012

2 thoughts on “Virtually attending the ECHA conference

  1. Wow, Jo! Thanks for the mentions. I had a fantastic time and have heard many positive comments from in real life participants. It’s my hope that more conferences will work to include an online component to their conferences for those who can’t be there physically. I think it’s a great way to reach out to folks who might never attend a conference and let them get to know the sponsoring organization.

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