A Gift from Jan Tarling


Ode to Jo 

There’s been many a week

Many a trek

To many an ‘open for inspec’ 

And with every peek

Every rubberneck

She’s becoming more and more a wreck! 

How many bedrooms?

Is it ‘all elec’?

Are there plenty of plugs for computer tech? 

Is it sparkling clean

With nary a speck?

What’s this one with the fabulous view from the deck? 

Oh, she wants it now

Right at this ‘sec’

She’s willing to rush out and write the cheque 

We wish her well

And – what the heck!

If she gets it we’ll come round and ‘discotheque’!!!

My dear friend, Jan Tarling, often gives poems to mark occasions such as birthdays and moving to a new home. She has been sharing all the drama of our search for a new home and was moved to write this for me after seeing photos of one of the houses we inspected recently. Thanks, Jan!






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